Joe Barr Post 194


Joe Barr Post 194 is proud to have established the HONOR GUARD // COLOR GUARD over 40 years ago.

The Color Guard has participated in many events at The City of Mason, Local Mason businesses and local schools.

The Honor Guard has been honored to have presented the Military Honors to those Veterans who have passed, at either the funeral or memorial.

the Third Platoon ....

   Two figures stood on a hill overlooking an internment at the Veteran's Cemetery in Seville.

   "Hey, Sarge, What are you doing here?"

   "I've come to escort you to the Third Platoon's last formation, Ernie. The guys who didn't get it on the beach or during our little stroll across Europe, have passed away over the years and they're waiting for us.  You know you were the last one alive?"

   "Yea that's me down there; I died a couple of days ago. What happened to you?"

   "I made it through the war and stayed in the Army.  My mistake.  I bought it in Korea."

   "What are they doing down there?  There's a bunch of guys my age in a color guard and a rifle salute team. There's even a bugler."

   "They'er getting ready to render military honor for you, Ernie. They do it for all veterans if the family requests it."

   "Who are they?"

   "They're in veteran's groups like the American Legion.  They volunteer to spend a day here every few weeks and render military honors for veterans interned that day. They also provide color guards and march in parades.  They do a lot of good things for their communities and other veterans.

   "Gee, I wish I'd known about them.  It would have been an honor to do that for other veterans."

   "It's too late now Ernie, We'd better come to attention and salute, they're getting ready to fire the rifle salute and blow taps for you."

   A couple of minutes later it was over, the flag was folded and presented to Ernie's widow.

   "That was nice, Sarge.  Did you see my family down there?  They sure seemed to appreciate the honors ceremony."

   "Yea, Ernie.  It was nice. Now it's time to join up with the rest of the guys.  Turn around and look down to the bottom of the hill."

   The Third platoon stood in formation with Lt. Keeler and the Platoon Sargent waiting for Ernie and his old squad leader to walk down between the headstones to meet them.  The roster was now complete.  The Third Platoon was all present and accounteted for.

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